10 game title and description -combinations are choosen at random. You must connect the correct game description with the correct game title. Currently there are 3790 different titles and names in the play.

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Multi-level platfrom game.
You play as a Valkyrie who is on a quest. Use your sword and magic to fight enemies.
Players choose an official NFL team, each with unique statistics, and compete in American football games with very few real-world rules. The object of the game is to try and win the Superbowl! This title uses the latest in 3DFX graphics.
A golfing game from Taito.
A horizontal-scrolling helicopter battle game based on the original 1984 animated laserdisc game of the same name.
A new twist on the standard 2D shoot-em-up genre. All the backgrounds and enemies are in 3-D, and the unique \"capture ball\" system allows the player to capture almost any enemy craft and use their powers.
You fly a spaceship in a vertically scrolling game while fighting off enemy ships and colecting special power-ups. You can seperate your big main ship into several smaller ships temporarily by depressing the alternate fire button.
An adventure game where the player characters battle monsters, find treasures and explore strange places.
A crazy professor (the Doc) goes after monsters with a spray can.
Three cool guys, one on a skateboard, one on a bike and one on rolerscates, beat up various enemies as they seek to defeat a crime boss and his minions. The game features sampled voices and rap music.