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A two-player race-against-the-clock game where the drivers race around a track to accumulate points. There are only two cars on the track. This was one of the first video driving games.
Choose from ten different wrestlers in this four-player wrestling/fighting game. Each wrestler has an assortment of moves, including his own special super slam. The object of the game is to win and defend the championship by pinning or putting a submission hold on your opponent.
A top-view, vertical-scrolling skiing game with six events: Ski Lift, Slalom, Ski Jump, Biathlon, Dog Sled and Downhill. Bash the buttons to increase your speed.
A Japanese-only update. This version features more balanced gameplay, slighty enhanced graphics and the ability to play as a newly-designed Dural.
You control a girl who must fight against weird enemies on stage.
A black and white space-themed two-player game where astronauts are launched from space platforms and travel through space knocking out stationary and moving targets.
A blocky black and white two- to four-player tennis game.
This is the third olympic-style competition game from Konami. Up to four players compete in track and field events for medals. The game was released to coincide with the 1988 summer olympics.
Follow along with the song by scratching the turntable and pressing the keys as the bars reach the bottom of the screen. If you manage to successfully hit each note on-key perfectly, a combo meter will go up, increasing your score. Do well enough by the end of the song, and you can progress to the next level.
A golfing game from Data East.