10 game title and description -combinations are choosen at random. You must connect the correct game description with the correct game title. Currently there are 3790 different titles and names in the play.

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That crazy monkey has carried off your girlfriend. You must rescue her at the top of the screen by traversing beams, climbing ladders and riding elevators while avoiding barrels, fireballs and mudpans.
Three basic dart games - \"High Score\", \"301\", and \"Round the Clock\".
Take control of a monster destroying Peruvian temples and other stuff.
An East German arcade machine with seven different games. It was made in the mid 1980s. It was really something quite unique considering the eastern standards back then.
Line up three or more sea creatures of the same color from the top to make them disappear (get caught). If they reach the bottom, the game is over.
The FIA licensed successor to the Suzuka 24 games where the player chooses from three licensed courses: Jerez, Paul Ricard or Suzuka. The game features authentic motorcycles from Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. It also has likenesses of the real 500cc GP riders in the game.
You control Teddy Boy. He must clear the stage of all enemies present.
This driving game will work using a joystick and button for throttle. It appears to be European in origin and the names of the common auto manufacturers have been slightly altered.
A sports game from Sun/Kitco.
Dungeon-crawling action in a three-quarters overhead view. You have the choice of four characters, Knight, Wizard, Bard, or Ninja, each with their own unique abilities. Magic items and spells turn your character into an elemental force with super powers. A large variety of dungeon denizens are present to kill you.