... is "the first known attempt at MS-DOS adventuring" by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson - the game was/is written entirely in MS-DOS 5 batch files! The version presented here is the original game running via MS-DOS shell emulator written in PHP by me. Please read the original game's readme.txt before proceeding. You can also download the original game from here.
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Hobbit - The True Story - redux, Director's Cut.

An MS-DOS adventure released by Milbus Software (tm) 1993.
redux, Director's Cut released by Milbus Software (tm) 2001.

Tunnel Like Hall
You are in your comfortable tunnel like hall. Infact, it's just a dirty hole in
the ground, but to you it's home. Gandalf is working on a nasty spell. There
is a round, green door set in the eastern wall.
You can see:
A Wooden Chest
Thorin, the dwarf.

Ask Clue Cut Drop E Eat
Enter Examine Get Go
Hint I Inventory Kill
L Look N Quit Restart
S Show Take Talk
W Wait X