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Ever got a pcb that displayed its texts in Japanese instead of English - or even worse, completely refused to run because of some stupid region protection thingy? Also, did you know that some games (such as US version of ThunderCross and Lightning Fighters) are missing extra weapons and stuff when compared to their Japanese counterparts? You can often remedy the situation easily by replacing some of the (ep)rom chips on the board.

From these pages you can find ROM structure information for 5081 different arcade boards. By inspecting the ROM information and your PCB, it is really easy to figure out which chips to replace and what kind of chips to use when replacing the originals.

Just click the starting letter of the game whose ROMs you are interesteed in to proceed.

There are couple of things to keep in mind when patching PCBs:
  • Often the ROMs' titles refer to their positions on the pcb. For example ms30.11f means "Magic Sword rom in position 30 on the board, which is located in grid position 11 F"
  • Some games might have surface mounted chips which prevent you from modifying the game - fortunately this is very rare.
  • To get Taito F3/CyberCore games to run in any language and region requires a little more work than simply reprogramming some chips.
  • Actual contents of ROM chips are not available here for copyright reasons.