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Description: Title:
You control a boat that moves around the bottom of the screen trying to shoot the skull.
A one-on-one 2-D fighter with excellent animation and sound. Players control up to two characters simultaneously using the "Stand" button.
A special version of Super Street Fighter II that was used only for tournaments.
In this sequel, Pac-Man unlocks doors by flipping over playing cards. Instead of power pills, Pac-Man takes on the powers of two special targets per round. Bonus rounds involve turning over as many cards as possible before finding the red monster.
An arcade version of Namco's PlayStation 2 racing game.
A video game system from Sega that is based on their Dreamcast home console, but is much more powerful. Home ports of Naomi arcade games take a longer time to be released.
A fighting game from Capcom that features tag-team brawling.
A two-player sitdown racing game. Compete against other opponents on three different tracks.
Pairs of colored blobs fall from the top of the screen, and can be rotated left and right. Matching three or more blobs of the same color causes them to disappear. The game is played against another player, whether human or computer-based, and the player who survives the longest (who does not allow their half of the screen to become filled with blobs) wins the match.
Another of the more "kid-friendly" animated gun-shooting games. A shooting game where players try to hit as many required targets as they can without making mistakes, before time runs out.