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The fifth installment of the venerable fighting game series by SNK. The story focuses on the "death" of Geese Howard. All the characters from a previous title appear in this version as well Kim Kaphwan, Duck King and Billy Kane from the original special.
You start as a pirate swinging from ropes on a ship, then you are swimming in the ocean, killing or avoiding sharks. Next, you are running up a hill jumping over or ducking under rocks. During the last level, you save the girl hanging over the large pot of boiling water from two hungry pirates.
One of the best vertically scrolling shooters yet.
A Japanese baseball game.
An early four-player black and white driving game with a top-down view of the track. Players could select between about a dozen tracks where oil slicks and other cars (opponent or neutral cars) could make you lose control. Ratings: Granny, Rookie, Pro. Bonus time (extra 30 "seconds") for completing enough laps.
This top-down view bowling game allows up to four players to compete. The trackball controls the aim and power of your throw and two buttons control the left and right hook respectively. There are graphic displays of turkeys, splits, gutters etc. and the game keeps track of scoring and high scores.
A murder mystery shooter where the player uses the gun (mounted to the cabinet) to protect Max from a variety of attacks as well as give him directions.
A Western gunfighting game from Taito.
Race your radio controlled car.
Pick two tiles that match. To move to the next level, match up all sets of two.